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Interesting Holiday Traditions Around the World

The United States has some interesting holidays, but there are many more around the world. Places have different traditions that are celebrated in interesting and heart-warming ways. No matter what holiday you are celebrating, you can use personalized holiday cards colorado shops have to send a heartfelt message to loved ones. What are some ways other countries celebrate holidays and loved ones?

Finland – Christmas Eve

In Finland, Christmas Eve differs slightly. Families gather around the graves of loved ones and light candles as a symbol of their love and resurrection. It reminds the family that their ancestors will live once again one day and be joyous and happy. They use this time to reminisce and bring peace into the home.

Brazil – Festa Junina

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This is a holiday celebrated on June 24th each year to commemorate the end of summer and mark the beginning of harvest season. It was originally a holiday celebrated by Catholics, honoring Saint Anthony, Saint Peter, and Saint John. Participants dress in clothes with a harvest theme and set up bonfires throughout the area. Most of the food on Festa Junina is made with corn, since corn is harvested in June.

China – Qingming Festival

This festival is dedicated to families honoring the ancestors and celebrating the beginning of springtime. The literal translation of the holiday is “Pure Brightness”, but it is also called “Tomb Sweeping Day” because families will visit their ancestor’s graves and clean them. They also fix anything that is broken and place offerings beside their tombs. It occurs in the beginning of April, marking a period of rebirth and joy as people fly colorful kites and lanterns and spend time enjoying the spring blossoms.

No matter where you are in the world, holidays are embraced and celebrated throughout. Each holiday has a different meaning behind it, but the overall theme is always togetherness and peace.